What Is The Diamond Bar Brass?
The Diamond Bar Brass is an entertainment company employing highly trained, experienced, professional musicians, whose principal purpose is to provide its clients with the finest fanfares and ceremonial brass music available.  
What Does The Diamond Bar Brass Do?
The Diamond Bar Brass provides fanfares, Church hymns, patriotic, jazz and classical music for your special occasion. We work towards spectacular entrances, announcements, processionals, and recessionals. 
What Does Diamond Bar Brass Wear?
Our attire varies per event.  The heralds have a wide range from their own t-shirts for casual events to the Cadets uniforms and everything in between.  The Brass would normally wear tuxes or dress shirts and slacks.
What Else Does The Diamond Bar Brass Do?

The Diamond Bar Brass can also lead worship in local Christian churches playing on its own or as a part of the worship team performing hymns.  Our members are Christians.

How Much Does It Cost?
It depends on what you want, time, location, etc.  However, we pride ourselves in being "Dirt Cheap" in our prices compared to other similar ensembles.  We realize that you are on a budget and work with you accordingly.
Who Began The Diamond Bar Brass?
Glenn Garrett, first with the Heralds in 2007. 
Will You Be Able To Perform At My Location?
Most likely, yes.  We are willing to travel considerable distance to reach your event.  However, our prices will reflect distance.
How Long Has It Been In Business?
The Diamond Bar Brass began doing business in 2010. While you might think that we haven't gotten off the ground, realize that the Diamond Bar Herald Trumpets have been doing business since early 2007.  In doing so, we have gained valuable insight and have an impressive contact list of musicians for your event.

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